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Role of foods in the diet

March 26, 2012

After waking, the weather is getting warmer and warmer. Into the spring, put a thick coat in the wardrobe, starting from the winter cold.

At this point, many women will suddenly feel to enrich themselves in the winter, to start to lose weight.

Now online you can find many methods of losing weight, but some to go on a diet for some time, or make people stick to eating a food, or make it difficult to adhere to the movement for a long time.

This issue of the magazine recommended “Denmark-lose weight”, you follow the recipe to eat food, then some simple activities you can lose some weight.

“Denmark-lose weight” recipe features are: 1. low calorie; 2. nutritional balance.

“Denmark-lose weight” before, must be familiar with the weight-loss method of “notes”.

Weight loss methods

Denmark-weight loss methods began in Denmark the national hospital, was carried out in hospital for heart surgery patients lose weight. This method of losing weight using a diet consisting mainly of dairy, agricultural products, lose weight not exceeding two weeks. Once you decide to Denmark for weight loss, in the meantime we need to eat a lot of grapefruit, steamed egg, American coffee, toast, etc. Denmark-weight loss diet composition, nutrition of the body needs more balanced. Most food recipes is a high protein, low carb and low calorie. The principle of this method of losing weight is through adjustment of diet, block carbohydrate absorption in the body. In this way, natural accumulation of body fat, you will have a slimming effect.

Role of foods in the diet

Grapefruit: granada fruit slim capsule, grapefruit in the component can stop carbs turn to fat.

Coffee: green coffee, black coffee a diuretic effect, and ingredients can enhance the body’s metabolism of caffeine in the coffee.

Spinach: spinach 7 day weight loss can supplement of vitamins in the body.

Toast: toast can provide the body need small amounts of carbohydrates.

Egg: egg gives the body proteins.

How to cook?

1, all foods don’t put salt in the recipe. (But shredded spinach you can put a small amount of salt. )

2, when the meat, grilled or steamed practices, not to put oil.

3, vegetables don’t put salad dressing on the salad, but you can put a small amount of lemon juice.

4, eggs must be steamed food.

5, coffee must be drank black coffee no sugar, no milk.


Must comply with the recipe. If you miss a day (for example, eating food, drinking, etc), from recipes to start on the first day.

Weight loss should not exceed two weeks. Excessive weight can affect the health of individuals, if you have conducted a two-week, needs at least a month of rest time.

During weight loss, must 30-40 minutes of exercise every day.

In order to prevent the rally, two-week weight loss within two weeks after the end of the course, eating less carbohydrate content of foods as much as possible. During this stay to eat sticky rice porridge, vegetables salad, cucumber, tofu, chicken breast, low-calorie foods.


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