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dieting tips for weight loss

March 27, 2012
Beautiful girl, enhanced nutrition contributes to good health, but have to take a risk of fat, dieting for the pursuit of good paiyouji stature and may cause health problems. Is there a dual approach?

Experts recommend the following restaurants:

Nutrition portfolio

United States renowned nutritionist paiyouji tea fall noted that the protein, carbohydrate and fat is just as important for your health, other, clever combination is the key, fat-rich food and legume vegetable combination, as far as possible avoided and foods rich in carbohydrates such as rice, flour, potatoes to eat. This can increase nutrient intake, and it helps to lose weight.

Specially selected fat

Eat no fat is impossible and damage health, the only reasonable approach is the smart choice. Analysis according to nutritionists, fat in two classes: first class can be a significant increase in human cholesterol content, such as all kinds of meat and livestock products, fat in the cream and cheese; second class cholesterol have little effect on the human body; the third class is the ability to lower cholesterol fats paiyouji plus tea, such as olive oil, corn oil and soybean oil. Obviously, the latter two categories of fat is your best choice.

Three quantitative

Reasonable control is keeping fit and eating three meals a day of a key. Food intake is not too much, not too little, to know when calculating the quantity of thermal energy and food raw and cooked as distinct from. For example, cooked chicken at only 80% of live chickens, only raw beef cooked beef 60%. In addition, even if the same kind of food contains thermal energy is not exactly the same, such as 100 grams the boys about 400,000 chickens with heat, and with equal amount of old chicken heat of up to 550,000 card to pick the same nutrients but there are relatively few calories food. According to estimates, intake of young men and women a day is as follows: 50 grams of grain, 1 egg, pork 100 g fish 150 g, beans, 200 g, 500 g of vegetables, milk 200 gram, 25 grams of vegetable oil.

It may be cool to eat

Hot foods can increase body heat. Eat cold food after first heat before entering the digestive process, which consumes part of the heat.


Chewing consumes a certain amount of heat, eat the same and the same amount of food, chew more conducive to moderate weight than Wolf. Japan famous nutritionist Dr choji observation, obese man with 8-10 minutes of eating eating, skinny people need 13-16 minutes; for the same kind of food, chew only 7 of obesity. 7~8. 1, thin people to chew on 8. 9~9. 4. Restricted speed after 19 weeks of fat people eating, man reduced to 4,000 g, female weight 4,500 grams.


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