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4 useful notes for losing weight

March 28, 2012

1. eat less high-calorie snacks: in any United States surely you can find on the streets of the city magic slim with a variety of snacks in hand: the vanilla Latte, ice sand, energy bar, breakfast Burrito, cinnamon pancakes and the like. In China, those snacks either in his hand was a foreigner or sporadic cases of young Chinese people. They have begun to learn that bad eating habits in the West. Snacks provided by the friend’s House in China is like cherry, melon seeds, strawberry or orange or something. They are generally a regular dinner time every day, and 6 points after eating dinner at midnight is not snacking.

2. do not use Individual serving portion: we eat with family-style dishes that are not likely to eat more. You don’t have to own a copy of eat 3x slimming power, you just eat whatever they want on it. Ideal State is that the stuff yourself and then stopped. In addition, chopsticks since I would then point, it can also force you to slow down. Small easy to let your body know eat to eat by himself.

3. drink less high-calorie drinks: of course, we’ve all heard the Chinese merchant love for liquor, and they urge SB. to drink drunk party break. However, relative to the cocktails, many of my female friends whenever you are more like green tea. They even drink alcohol when drinking is not much. When choosing a non-alcoholic beverage when they, they are more like tea or hot water, but not those juices or high calorie soft drinks.

4. a balanced diet: some Chinese friends told me that at noon if they eat too much, they will eat less or even not eating at night. There is a culture of moderation. If you have more than a day, it’s OK, the next time you eat less well. Lunch buffet is great, people will have to enjoy, but at night basically only eat vegetables and rice.


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