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why we need to lose weight?

March 28, 2012

More and more scientific studies found that personality traits and personal habits and there is an interesting relationship between obesity. Already there are a number of studies paiyouji have shown that part of the brain controlling emotions and stress response in control a man’s appetite. Researchers found that early life experience engorgement after laying groundwork.

Impulsive, bad FAT

United States Soutine, a researcher of the National Institute on aging says, if you understand how personality affects weight gain, we will be able to develop interventions that help super fat burning people overcome weight gain issues. Soutine led a research project on nearly 2000 residents of the Baltimore 50 year body mass index (BMI) and personality traits were compared. The project’s research results were published last year.

This study found that neuroticism (prone to negative emotional personality) to score high and responsible (or orderly, self-disciplined) low scores of people most likely to overweight and obesity. Contact of impulsive personality and body mass index is very close: on average, the impulse that scored the highest of 10% than the impulse of low cent of people weighing 24 pounds. “Easy” weight lower self-assessment scores of people most likely to gradually increase. This study, released in July last year in the journal of personality and social psychology.

Links between emotions, diet and weight control when there was very little time has started to root.

Emotion missing children fatter

Younisi·kennidi·shilai United States funded by the National Institute of child health and human development study on a 977 children showed that compared to infants with established good emotional bond with the mother of the child during the period, infant failed to establish that emotional bonds during the period when children grow up to 15 years old, more than 1 time times higher probability of obesity.

Diet coach, nutritionist, cognitive behavioral psychological therapists and other professionals have to remind people not to eat due to mump, gluttony and urged people to find himself eating causes.

San Francisco weight loss coach Stephens asks, “who doesn’t know cauliflower is better than big Macs on your body? Key is to figure out what our minds are thinking, why is eating. “She said, or any diet plan that is doomed to not succeed.

Putting emotions associated with the diet sounds might be a bit scary, but some treatment, experts say, the long run doing so can be very effective.

At the United States State of Pennsylvania the Beck Institute for cognitive behavioral therapy BalaCynwy said, one does not have to completely change your personality, just change your mind, and behavior change.


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