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3 points for losing weight quickly

March 29, 2012

Edema is meat meat fat for weight loss?

Can’t tell you is “edema” 3x slimming power is fat “fat meat meat”, the most simple method is to use “as is” and “look” to tell.

By: leg press test muscle elasticity

Leg 5 seconds press the index finger, press the white parts also exists in 15 seconds, is mild edema. If the press would sag, so slow to reply, the situation is not good either, it is best to find a 7 day weight loss doctor to check. “Meat is meat and fat” leg press, will not dent, just because no exercise, muscles loose was too weak to stop using bloated myself as an excuse!

See: face swollen in the morning, afternoon leg fat rises

Face is swollen like a fat 2 kg, appear double chin, cheeks brush volume one anywhere! Swollen eyelid and even sometimes to see, night cry no different. Drinking coffee, a few trips to the bathroom, his face finally disappeared in the afternoon, it started swelling of the leg super slim, skin edema, appear to have “thin bright” feel, wear boots become tight in the morning, take off is hard to zip up!

Why edema torso?

Edema with physical absolute relationship, but diet and living habits are also key, “temporary edema” after the natural metabolism of the body of water, will improve the next day. If your edema is long term, is not a small part to scary, cirrhosis or kidney disease, heart failure, high blood pressure can cause! Would like to determine if illness caused by edema? Link “General Medicine” or “Family Medicine” diagnostic checks. The swelling “Shou” jelly speed fat back’s sake! But compared to fat “meat is meat and fat” out of “jelly fat” a lot easier. Drain excess moisture in the body, can slim, you can also light some. From eating habits from becoming victims of “reliable and countermeasures”, light point and pick to eat food, you don’t have to diet, little effort, be thin.

Eat and wear, eliminate edema

1. eat less salt is salt, salt-cured products with high sodium content is too much, eating water easily upon detention. Nutritionist recommended daily intake should not exceed 2000 mg of sodium, almost equal to the 5G of salt, but eating out frequently, is satisfied that the contents of the intake is too high, in order to prevent and improve edema, pick the best eating boiled or steamed.

2. eat more bananas “k” is the natural enemy of sodium! Because the sodium and potassium in the body, will be mutually exclusive, eating more potassium-containing foods, is satisfied that the nature of the body reduced, good drainage effect! Banana is the most recommended potassium-containing foods, not only cheaper and can eliminate edema, leg shaping, dietitians as “leg food”! But the disadvantage is the high heat, weight loss can only eat half a day when the root. Other potassium-containing foods include: algae, melon (watermelon, cucumber, bitter melon is), black beans, red beans, mung bean, Pearl barley, diuretic, and is very helpful to the swelling of these drainage!

3. do not pass through lower body wearing tight trousers followed by long, long points, easier to let poor lower body circulation. Beauty is free to move around the Office, long-term fixed position, ass will play nice with care! So you should pay attention to the sedentary MM slightly, walking in the work and don’t forget Oh!


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