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6 secrets for weight loss

March 29, 2012
Excluding the enemy to lose weight
So-called enemies are high fat, high calorie food. Only important thing you can do is to delete list of these foods from your diet. In particular, it is important to not to eat the food in the House: bread, potatoes, pasta, French fries, fast food, cake, biscuits, candy, chocolate, and sugar-containing beverages. This sounds harsh, but if you can do it, you will be able to stop the temptation. So what do you want paiyouji?
Eating enough food

Eat enough food, including vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, cheese and eggs. You can eat fruits and vegetables that you like, you can eat as much. Using a variety of cooking vegetable soup, or bought outside of low-fat soup. A week to eat red meat once or twice. If you really want to eat some snacks paiyouji plus tea, almond, banana, apples, pears, or low fat Granola and dried fruit.
Reduce the frequency of eating out
One can select from the menu to eat low fat, but eating out is difficult to resist the temptation, so there are many at home and eating better, and it can save money. If you strictly abide by the diet at home in order, you can occasionally eat hearty dinner in the hotel.
To leave the car at home
Go out and try to walk or ride a bike. If you are just out the door under a little, don’t drive. So you are reducing emissions to protect the Earth’s environment. Kill two birds with one stone, so why not this?
Tennis sports
Physical exercise can help you lose weight. Tennis is especially useful, because whether you’re 17 years old girl was 70 years old women are able to participate in this fun, competitive and social networking into one of tennis.
Together with your partner to lose weight
If your family members are also involved in the boycott of high fat diet on the law, then you are more likely to change the way you live. And your wife, husband or friend with joint effort, so you will find it handy to stick up. Occasionally break the rules-cheer yourself is also allowed.
These three months I was able to key way to slim down 14 points. Changes may require you to pay some of the initial effort, but over time you’ll develop good new habits, and finally you will be slim and beautiful.

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