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give up your favorite foods to lose weight

March 29, 2012

You want to slim successfully, but not willing to give up their favorite foods for weight loss, is not willing to join the fitness profession, now what should I do? As long as the habit of following 10 small habits of life, you’ll become a real thin beauty! You don’t have to impose yourself on a diet, without trying to exercise 3x slimming power, selected the following some of the habits that you like, as long as you stick to do it must be thin!

1, got up in front of a small exercise

Get up when you open your eyes paiyouji plus tea, not by his hand, and slowly sat up. Legs straight, lean forward, as far as possible on a allow your body to legs, hands hold the feet, then, take a deep breath and tightening of the abdomen. 2 times as long as the action can easily eliminate calories 10 calories for you.

2 a day, a cup of oats

Oats are rich in dietary fiber, helps to promote digestion super fat burning, prone to satiety, suppresses appetite, with enough dietary fiber easy to produce satiety, oats contain a wealth of non-soluble fiber, can promote intestinal peristalsis to speed up help digestion, can prevent constipation. Dieters need to adhere to the food, would have significant slimming effect!

3, eat protein-rich foods

Research has shown that, added food containing protein in your daily diet, the more you will eat less, so in your oatmeal, you can add a boiled egg or part skim cheese. Digestion of proteins for a long time, giving lasting satiety, not easy to feel hungry. Hormone secretion of protein inhibits fat formation, reduce fat. Therefore, each meal to add some protein-rich foods in moderation, is also a good habit of success can make you lose weight too!

4, to brushing your teeth while losing weight

When you brush your teeth while standing on one foot, for standing on one foot after every 30 seconds. Balanced development of core muscles so that you can be, do not underestimate the little tricks Oh, can help you burn calories 10 calories at a time.


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