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how do we eat fruits to lose weight?

March 30, 2012
Compared with other fruits, it is citrus, rich content of vitamin c, and fiber content is a lot, easy to produce satiety. But the heat is very low, and comparable to the watermelon. Yuzu played excellent efficacy of weight loss is that it is rich in acid, can effectively stimulate the gastrointestinal Mucosa, and affect the absorption of nutrients, thereby inhibiting kangxing appetite. Inhibition of glucose into fat in the liver. Yuzu is a low-GI foods, so even if eating a bit more, its heat but was quickly transformed into fat.

Yuzu how do we eat to lose weight?

Method 1: before meals to eat half a grapefruit

In the 15 minutes before a meal, eat half a grapefruit or one-fourth, estimated at more than half a pound in weight. Sweet and sour grapefruit is effective in controlling appetite so you eat when eating to reduce weight. And grapefruit can be absorption of fat in the body. So before each meal to eat, persist in a month, your waistline and small stomach can significantly smaller, transformed into a thin person Oh!

Method 2: snack grapefruit when

In the process of losing weight, often feel hungry, or want to eat something special, then you can select the grapefruit when snack, puffed food such as chocolate, biscuits, all behind, make sweet and sour grapefruit a downsizing help to you. So you can reduce the fat accumulation! and you can row out of fat in the body.

Method 3: grapefruit sugar juice

Ingredients: grapefruit half, sweet little, pure water amount


1, first put the grapefruit Peel and into small discs, put it in a bowl.

2 stirring juice, grapefruit and water into the tank, mix into the cup of juice, put a little icing sugar for consumption. This method is most suitable for MM who likes to drink fruit juice, drink a few cups a day, a month can take effect, easily can be thin.

Method 4: grapefruit hot

When do you think this is cold to eat, not used to, try yuzu’s hot.

Material: grapefruit half, water amount (according to their own consumption), sugar 1 small spoon.


1, the grapefruit Meizitang botanical slimming is divided into small pieces, placed in the pot, add fire to boil the water.

2, into the small fires, boil 30-60 minutes by adding sugar.

Added: pomelo meat contains Reduce weight fruta planta very rich in vitamin c, as well as insulin and other ingredients, lowering blood sugar, lipid, slimming, beautiful skin volume and other effects. Regular consumption, hypertension, diabetes, vascular disease such as multiple sclerosis treatment, obesity and healthy beauty features.


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