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Plastic bags will make baby fat?

March 30, 2012
Plastic bags appear to people’s lives has brought great convenience, but at the same time the white pollution such as problems ensue, not only that, especially plastic bags of food Meizitang packaging security has been in doubt.
United Kingdom reports recently have experts claim, discovered through research, a chemical in plastic products can lead to obesity. Exposed to this substance in the environment, pregnant women gave birth to baby’s risk of obesity greatly increases.
According to reports, the controversial fruta planta chemical Bisphenol a, is used to make plastics become more solid. United States University of Missouri biologist Professor fuleidelike·womu·SAER published the results of his latest study, found that pregnant women if their environment in fetal exposure to Bisphenol a, then they gave birth to baby’s risk of obesity will increase.
Professor Frederick explained that “in the process of fetal development, exposure to Bisphenol a in the environment granada grapefruit slim capsule will change its stem cell growth. Bisphenol a is proof of a person then has a number of fat cells play a key role.

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