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Yogurt weight loss effective?

March 30, 2012
Porcelain bottle for more than 10 years ago, Pijin tied yogurt, believed still treasured in the memories of many people – with heavy poked through a straw to break seal paper, very empty, smooth and delicate solidified yoghurt is drawn out of a hole, swinging to a Flash, then sucks. For the relative lack of material, that is perfect to enjoy.
Appears to be a night, all dairy freezer comes in a lot of variety of yogurt, red dates, mung bean, peach, strawberry, Kiwi fruit, Aloe Vera is FA and all kinds of good things into the yogurt, was originally a single, rich taste suddenly, but the emphasis on nutrition and
Healthy times, do good is the last word? You are likely to have yogurt is not “yogurt” buy sth So how do we choose 3x slimming power yogurt, first take a look at the following concepts.
Yogurt weight loss effective? First of all you want to know how to choose yogurt
First, on the yogurt flavor can be broadly divided into the original flavor and fruity-two. Based on its raw materials and additives can be broken down into plain yogurt yogurt and Yoghurt with Fruit, season 3. Plain yogurt is used only milk or milk as a raw material for recovery, made by lactic acid bacteria fermentation, and milk or milk adding sugar, flavoring agent for recovery or natural materials such as guoliao are seasoned sour cream or Yoghurt with Fruit, fermented.
Second, plain yogurt is essentially belongs to the category of milk, flavored yoghurt and Yoghurt with Fruit basically yogurt drink, is one of the beverage, rather than milk. Two nutrients vary greatly, nutrition is only about one-third of yogurt yogurt drink. In accordance with the provisions of the dairy industry, 100 g of yoghurt required content ≥ 2.9 grams of protein, and yogurt drink is only about 1 gram of protein content.
Third, the yoghurt drink with relatively granada fruit slim capsule high prices on the market, and a yogurt. English name of yoghurt is called Yoguat, and Taiwan as the “yoghurt drink” or “superior” product as yoghurt. Yoghurt drink only raw milk yoghurt with better quality of high-end product, quality is relatively good yogurt.
IV, sugar-free yogurt, manufacturers of sugar-free yogurt, and diabetic patients need the true meaning of “sugar-free” are differentiated. Yogurt is a milk as raw materials, through microbial fermentation control, itself contains a considerable number of lactose, lactose fermentation, part has been utilized by organisms, into lactic acid and other metabolites, may also cause a rise in blood sugar.

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