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Black rice used to lose weight

March 31, 2012

Black rice used to lose weight, the advantage is obvious. After the first boiled black rice porridge tastes good, good acceptability and add a little shredded pickled vegetables, eat up and feels like a normal meal. And because the 90% is above water in porridge, energy is very low, are impossible to eat two bowls to drink in moderation. At the same time, black rice is brown rice, green coffee high fiber, full feeling strong, after you eat the black rice porridge, than to eat the same amount of white rice is not easy to feel hungry.

In the area of nutrition, black rice has a number of advantages. It contains plenty of carbohydrates, protein number Acai Berry Diet slightly lower but better quality than any other food, very low fat, rice germ contains small amounts of essential fatty acids and vitamin e, b vitamins except B12 content rich, there are quite a number of trace elements such as potassium, magnesium and iron rich than white rice a lot.

In addition, black rice protein Reduce weight fruta planta not be lose weight lose weight fast lose weight fast, but relatively stable, but difficult to rebound. Security is quite high, not result in not respond within two weeks.


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