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Porridge really can lose weight?

March 31, 2012
My name is Catherine, 19 years old, sophomore. Body fat since childhood, have never care about, like fat fat hymns. After went to College, I have more and more attention to her appearance. See 3x slimming power the other girls bedroom I can wear pretty clothes to wear, touch their waist fat face and thick rough, my mind to lose weight. In order to be able to quickly “thin”, I love porridge feature set themselves according to their strict diet plan, is the breakfast was porridge, preserved vegetables congee, congee with preserved egg congee, white, in order to avoid starving, I also have a lot of cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, apples and other fruits and vegetables. I half a year’s time and weighed 73 kilograms, fell to 48 kilograms, often ask for advice when I get students to “weight loss secrets”. When I lose weight “chuckle” while also going through no small trouble, menstruation several months, hair loss, frequent dizziness …. I don’t know, I’m in the process of losing weight, and not let their hungry, three meals a day are staple food – porridge, porridge keeping in, right? Why would these troubles brought it?
Porridge lose weight healthy?

Losing weight is a never-ending topic, especially prevalent in girls and young women. Community are also popular weight-loss method, as these girls are taking “porridge lose weight”, “vegetables and fruits lose weight”, essentially a low-energy diet. In medicine, low-energy diets, is taken in the treatment of diseases such as obesity a therapeutic diet, shall be carried out under the guidance of professionals. If itself is not overweight, obese, blindly taking this diet, reduced weight at the same time, will also have a lot of health problems, such as anemia, amenorrhoea. Some people blame these symptoms on porridge and eat fruits and vegetables, mistaken for porridge, eat unhealthy vegetables and fruits, actually caused these symptoms of long term anyway this single source of low energy diet nutritional deficiencies caused by disease, and blind super slim weight loss is the most common nutritional deficiency diseases in protein-energy malnutrition.

Porridge, regardless of ancient, are is think is a health of dietary, can replenishing body fluid, health spleen and stomach, Supplement virtual loss; and porridge can auxiliary to with protein rich of lean, and fish equivalent Cook, or auxiliary to has medicinal value of food material, as Lotus, and semen coicis kernel, and Lily, and lentils, and jujube, and Yam, and walnut,, making into herbal, has is high of diet value, for Yu digestive function lossy or indigestion who edible.


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