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Rice nutrition high to lose weight

March 31, 2012

Rice nutrition high

The main ingredient is rice carbohydrate Meizitang, rice protein is mainly rice in lean protein, amino acid composition of full, easy digestion and absorption of the human body, has good for aiding digestion efficiency. Brown rice in the minerals fruta planta, dietary fiber, b vitamins (especially vitamin B1) in higher more refined rice, but is less of lysine content in rice. Rich rice provides b vitamins; rice with BU Zhong Yi Qi, invigorating the spleen and stomach, Yijing strong aspiration and and Botanical slimming five Zang-organs, promoting blood circulation, Cong eyesight, check the ears in knots, and thirst of diarrhea effect; rice porridge with tonifying the spleen, stomach and lung functions of the Qing dynasty.

High nutritive value of rice cooked in boiling water

General rice steaming cooking is rice cold water after boiling, the correct approach should be to boil water, then use boiling water to cook. Doing so ensures that the nutritional value of rice.

First of all, Cook in boiling water can reduce cooking time, protection of vitamins in rice. Contain a lot of starch in rice, boiling water when cooking, can make quick cooked rice, reduce the cooking time, vitamins to prevent m damage due to heat for a long time.

Second, to boil water to make chlorine gas of volatile, without damaging the vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is the most important nutrients in rice, its primary function is to regulate sugar metabolism in the body, without it, the nervous system is affected, prone to fatigue, loss of appetite, fatigue, muscle pain, beriberi, edema of extremities, heart rhythm disorders, intractable insomnia and other symptoms. We usually use water through chlorination, if use this water to Cook rice, chlorine in water flood destroy vitamin B1 in the meter.


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