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2 steps of weight loss

April 1, 2012

1, hip circles

Kneeling on the floor, hands a vertical pole to the ground. Put his hands in just below the shoulder, Meizitang botanical slimming shoulder width. Just below the knee to the hip, and hip-width;
1KG load or a bottle full of water Meizitang on the left leg collapsed (behind the knee), straighten the toe;

Straighten left leg backwards until high Reduce weight fruta planta such as knees and hips. When you exhale, continued to slowly lift the leg, leg 50 times, careful not to let the height of the legs below the hips. Breath each time you lift legs, after 50 lift leg is complete, Shun and counter-clockwise direction when turning the knee to 25 times.

· Throughout the process of your abdomen, back straight. Back as a whole should be as crisp as a table. Each time you lift legs or circling is, tightening the gluteal muscles at the highest point.

 Do the same action and then wrap to the other leg.

2, Sumo squat

Legs apart (one inch wider than the hip), 45 degrees outside toe, putting his palms together in front of the chest;

View flat, lift the chest. Inspiratory knees when squatting, sitting on a Chair in a very short time. Ideally, elbows are located in inner thighs, hips below knees;

For 5 seconds. Exhale, and heels to push back the starting position, after tightening the buttocks;

For 20 times. Loading larger, more difficult;

If you have knee or back problems, do not load too much at the beginning. And remember to always lift the chest to tighten up the trunk.


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