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chairs will help you lose weight

April 1, 2012
side leg lift

Once again, knees and legs. But this time reached his right leg to the right, and hips to maintain a straight line;

Gently around the coccyx. When you exhale, the right leg up (on the right), stick to two seconds;

Then breathe slowly put the leg back to the floor. Don’t let the legs rest on the floor – again lifted immediately;

Do the actions of 25 to 50 times, according to their own power. Whole body tighten. Repeat green coffee this action for legs.

hip chairs

Take a writing Chair (not the kind with wheels Daidaihua), lay on the floor;

Knee Chair/heel on the knees should be bent 90 degrees;

Left leg lifted to heaven, so that granada fruit slim capsule only one foot on the Chair;

When you exhale, lift the buttocks and a half away from the floor, when peak gluteus maximus muscle tightening, hold on. And then slowly put down;

If you have back problems, you don’t have to lift the left leg – put your feet on a Chair, legs at the same time as the action. Whole body involved in the action;

Repeat 15-25 times, in his own power. Then change legs repeat the action.


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