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fruits for weight loss quickly

April 5, 2012
Du fruit that cannot be ignored, heat is not high, and contains vitamin c. In natural therapy, strawberries can be used to clean the gastrointestinal tract, and strong livers. However, the bad people allergic to aspirin and gastrointestinal function, Baisha Nut slimming capsule not fit for human consumption.
Valuable natural medicinal and edible. Cherry flesh Magic slim tea can get rid of toxins and contaminated body fluids, and thus has considerable secondary effects on kidney Detox, and also has a mild laxative effect. When selected, it is best to choose fruit setting, with green stems full of cherries.
Almost throughout the year can now eat the deep purple grapes, also with a detoxification effect. It helps the intestinal mucus in composition, help the liver, intestines, stomach, kidney clears the body of waste. The only small downside is that heat is a little bit high, 40 grape 2 Apple equivalent of heat.
If the fear of fat, Apple is a good choice. In addition to rich in dietary fiber, it contains of galacturonic acid is very helpful to Detox, pectin corrupts you can avoid food in the intestine. When you select the Apple, don’t forget to change different color varieties of apples, look better.
Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are in the “clean”
Often drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices can accumulate within the cells of toxins dissolved, to neutralize acidity in the body from toxins, purification of organs in the body, balancing neutral body.
Function of cellulose or chlorophyll-rich foods with a poison, eating more helps to eliminate the accumulation of toxic substances in the body. Toxic substances discharged by the liver before and be absorbed by the small intestine, food and toxic substances attached to the fibers on the chlorophyll, and the stools are eliminated from the body, can feed the cumulative effects of toxic substances. Food with such effects in order: rice bran, spinach and turnip leaves. Fiber food while in Detox, and discharges of nutrients in the body, growing children or early TSE: more people should not eat.

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