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Is weight loss really so important?

April 5, 2012
Detoxification function of the people themselves, but too many toxins, ability to resolve when Fruta Bio will accumulate large amounts of toxin.
  ”Detox” really so important?
  The answer is Yes. May not know Meizi super power fruit the following numbers:
  1, body metabolism can produce Baisha Nut more than 400 kinds of metabolic waste.
  2, discharge per person per day to about 40 billion eggs, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, 20% bacteria and pathogenic bacteria in the stool, if 24-hour discharge, can make more than 2 trillion bacteria.
  3, everyone may accumulate in the body of 3-25 kg of litter.
  4, the body of toxins, only 20%-305 defecation and perspiration exhaust and the rest will be concentrated in the various organs, including blood, lymph, and each of the cells of the skin.
  Sources of toxins:
  1, chemicals: every day we are exposed to toxic chemical substances, such as garbage or sewage from spill out on the street and threaten our health. If you own detoxification systems cannot cope with toxins in the body, a large number of hazardous substances will accumulate in the body, at least uncomfortable, can also cause diseases, threats to health.
  2, since the body toxins: will also have a natural metabolism of toxins within the body, these substances are micro, through feces, mucus, bile, urine, sweat, and tears, excretion, or even from hair and excretion in the rack.
  3, the environment: many plants to produce a toxic substance to protect themselves or attack by vermin. In addition, air pollution is one of the environmental toxins, that is why life is better, physical illness one of the reasons more and more frequently, too much environmental damage, generate a lot of toxin, endangered the health of the human body.
  How normal Detox?
  People have a natural ability to detox and systems. The digestive system, kidneys, liver, skin has an important detoxification function of these organs. Detoxification ability of each person different, some people Detox system is naturally better than others, youth Detox more efficient than older people, healthy people than those who are frail detoxification capacity better, bad diet and exposure to toxic substances, would offset the advantages.
  Detoxification function of the people themselves, but too many toxins, ability to resolve when will accumulate large amounts of toxin.
  How toxins affect health?
  ”Toxin,” the term used to describe the body was not harmless conversion (detoxification) of chemical substances. Some of these chemicals are caused by environmental pollution, some of it is because of poor diet does not provide needed nutrition and Detox effectively. These toxins can affect the normal thinking people; the resulting symptoms, such as fatigue or headaches; and created as the angry, frustrated or feeling unhappy, desperate emotional volatility.
  Test: do you need to Detox?
  Answer the following 10 small questions, can easily detect if you are “poisoning”.
  1, morning or afternoon, eyes, cheekbones, cheeks are particularly vulnerable to edema. (Y or N)
  2, forehead, Chin, and cheeks, easy little acne. (Y or N)
  3, agreed that the skin of you recently have suddenly found themselves need to whiten. (Y or N)
  4, long time no see friends meeting you, concerned asks: “How do you change worn? ” (Y or N)
  5, this time skin loses sense of transparency, becoming rough Matt. (Y or N)
  6, the body often feel tired, spirit is also a burnout. (Y or N)
  7, drink more than three cups of coffee a day, lack of regularity in the catering industry. (Y or N)
  8, abdomen very sense of flatulence, constipation phenomenon began to emerge. (Y or N)
  9, after noon, leg appears swollen. (Y or N)
  10 consciousness under a lot of pressure, often suffer from insomnia or sleep quality. (Y or N)
  Above, and you select YES, the more you poisoned the deeper need to Detox as soon as possible.
  If you really need the body skin doing a detox, I suggest that you could go to the beauty salon, there are many Detox plans, also Detox for local projects, worth recommending everyone is different styles and forms of detoxification.

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