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the drinks for weight loss

April 5, 2012
When the health threats, Detox has become essential for daily homework. Food additives, high-fat foods, pesticides, air toxic emissions in Sth More and more toxins is filled with our life, and acne, bad breath, constipation, headache, edema, obesity sth These are signals Daidaihua accumulated toxins in the body.


the drinks for weight loss

Water: promote metabolism, reduce stool in the intestinal tract of time, reducing the absorption of toxins and green coffee dissolve water-soluble toxins. It is best to drink a cup of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach. (Eight cups of water a day, guaranteed!)

Detox tea: a Tibetan medicine is particularly Reduce weight fruta planta good, rhodiola root, wild Lotus heart of Tibet, is said to be good.

Juice of barley if ye Qing: this is from Japan and Taiwan popular Detox to share is the use of expressed juice of barley drink, many artists are, well, worth recommending!

Honey: is to nourish the body, detoxification of beauty since ancient times to share. This used by me for many years.

Lemonade: Detox, lose weight, get up in the morning on an empty stomach drink a large glass of warm lemon water.

Brown sugar water: for thousands of years, brown sugar Detox moisturizing effect of well-known

Milk: containing more calcium, can inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the human enzyme activity, can also reduce the absorption of cholesterol by the human body.

Siraitia grosvenorii fruit tea: a rare medicinal herbs, bitter sweet in taste, function Qing Fei run Chang. Indications of phlegm blood cough, constipation, dryness of fire, siraitia grosvenorii fruit tea sweet as sugar, heat is almost equal to zero.

Chrysanthemum tea: waiting by white chrysanthemums and chrysanthemum tea, oolong tea baking system, contact e-Office of pollution a family should be a day of tea. Baiju has the role of detoxification in the tea, on the accumulation of harmful chemical or radioactive substances in the body, has a low resistance, effectiveness of exclusion. Recommended!

Pu: master of Pu is to eliminate excess fat, and mild stomach irritation. People with stomach as I preferred is Pu-Erh tea.

Ai Haocha: in the days of bloated, stick Ai Haocha, it has diuretic and detoxifying effect is swelling of the ganjiang.

Oolong tea: push the party Cup-for-Cup, the atmosphere more warm and more people getting drunk. To BREATHE/BREATHING, drinking the same amount of oolong tea. It can prevent physical deficiency and cold, diuretic, Detoxicating.

Medlar tea: Qi tea is a traditional Chinese medicine. If a person for three days without a bowel, buy a drink of no special bitter wolfberry tea drinking. Evening drink point is refreshed in the morning the next day, no more tiredness.


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