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green tea is good for slimming

April 6, 2012
Antioxidant, model green tea
Resistance to oxidation firing the same barrage of green tea also has the function of greasy, fresh breath solutions to oil, so you can keep drinking, aging resistance and Baisha Nut slimming capsule help to lose weight, helebuwei?
Sesame seed fried dough sticks
MM in most cases selection of traditional Chinese breakfast, buy biscuits dough and went to work. In fact, very high fat content of fried dough sticks, each dough-there are 220 calories zi xiu tang pollen capsule. Sesame seed, high temperature dough is fried food, after high temperature frying, absorbing a considerable amount of oil, serious over the content of oils and fats and nutrients are destroyed, will also produce carcinogenic zi xiu tang bee pollen capsule substances, not suitable for long-term use.
Xiaobian recommended: Chinese breakfast should not eat more than once a week, always with vegetables or fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals of the day and to be as light as possible, not to eat fried, fried, fried food.

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