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tomato losing weight is a correct way for women

April 6, 2012
Weight loss first of all you want to do is you want to Detox to clear, so when is the best time to Detox?, early morning is the best time to Detox, and use these eight kinds of food fruta planta with less effort, do you want to know what are these foods? to look below.

Antioxidant, 1th pacesetter tomato

Among the 10 kinds of antioxidant foods Lida daidaihua, deal with the most powerful weapon is the anti-aging thermal tomato. This is because tomato is rich in lycopene, lycopene antioxidant capacity is 20 times times the vitamin c, antioxidant Super fighting strength can be said to be.

As the category has several kinds of 2 day diet tomatoes, which one better? that is, small tomatoes, their high vitamin c content, you can have the firepower to cool some of the antioxidant.

Also, what should I eat to tomato antioxidant more effective? that is ripe to eat. Although cooked or processed tomatoes (tomato sauce, tomato juice, canned tomatoes) the vitamin c content of the destruction, but content can increase the number of times the lycopene, antioxidant function and more powerful. Dietitian therefore strongly recommend to people of tomatoes, also recommends a lot of uptake.


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