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which food should avoid while losing weight?

April 6, 2012
breakfast dewlap of s-type build is eaten out
Caused by abdominal 2 breakfast: breakfast
Many OL is like going to McDonald ‘s, KFC, 7-11 for breakfast, such as burgers, fried chicken wings, French fries, etc. Although delicious, but Western-style breakfast including many higher calories than Chinese breakfast. The meat in the Burger, rapidly slimming chicken wings or fries seriously exceeded the amount of oil, ate only SI thammarat do not accumulate fat. Also, only a thin slice of lettuce in the Hamburg, provided by vitamins cannot meet physical needs rapidly slimming capsule.
Xiaobian recommended: select the breakfast should be coupled with a fruit or vegetable soup, to maintain the nutritional balance, ensure the uptake of nutrients. It is best not lishou slimming capsule to diet, fried food not only excessive oil, and eat the risk of cancer.
anti-oxidant model nuts
Vitamin e-rich nuts (cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, etc) in addition to have antioxidant functions, also can repair skin tissue, however, because the nuts contain high fat, if excessive intake of not only run risk of fat, caused by high oil oxidation also vitamin e antioxidant effects. Therefore, dietitians advising people to get this kind of food, but modest, if not a good thing.

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