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Meizitang tell you about Fitness for Pregnant

April 7, 2012

United States medical experts study found that maternal heartbeat increase during exercise, and the fetal heart rate was little changed, indicate pregnant women exercise the fetus does not have a negative impact. Aerobic exercise to increase muscle of pregnant women carry oxygen, stimulate the heart and lung function, at the same time increase the endurance of infant, shortening the delivery process. Meizitangtell you that Suitable for aerobic exercise for pregnant women include uniform fitness cycling, jogging, walking, riding in water Aerobics.

Meizitang tell you that It is important to note, before the campaign, pregnant women should consult their obstetrician, within 12 weeks of pregnancy the best campaigns, determining the physical condition when the best professionals under the direction of movement. When you participate in the campaign, had better not more than 140 times per minute maximum heart rate, aerobic exercise 3 times a week is appropriate.

 Female in middle and late pregnancy, pelvic inclination change, elevated position the center of gravity of the human body, lumbar curvature of enhanced, leading to back pain.

United Statesexperts, should take appropriate exercise to the body, but the focus is back and pelvis region.

 For the back and pelvis in pregnant women for some strength training, by maintaining muscle strength, maintain joint stability to ease the pain of various parts of the body, can also increase the pelvis muscles tension and toughness, and contribute to the delivery of the fetal and postnatal recovery in the pelvis area. Pregnant women in training to reduce the intensity of training in the past when, in late pregnancy and completely avoid high intensity strength training.

 In addition, maternal pelvic joints on the front side and rear side reduce the stability of, who stretched ligaments, especially the stretch exercise of the pelvic ligaments can’t do.

 Meizitang recommend Pregnancy Fitness Guide

 1. Not suddenly increased exercises of exercise;

2. Avoid risk high of movement project, such as ski, and body contact sexual movement and bags diving;

3. Avoid high strength, and depletion sexual of movement;

4. Exercises should not suffocating;

5. Exercises Shi to do full of warm-up activities and adhere to full of finishing activities;

6. Exercises Shi has law to added water;

7. Avoid supine on the floor exercise,

8. Wear shoes with good support, and are able to cushion impact;

9. Avoid excessive flexibility exercises, because pregnancy late joint comparative relaxation.


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