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“Lazy bones” weight loss method

April 9, 2012
Sexy actress Shu Qi, with golden ratio figure. Slim with huge women’s dreams, and women the rolling, strongly exudes sexy 1 day diet pills qualities. So, Shu Qi is how to keep slim sexy? Small series to reveal for you now.

Maintain a standard build spares no effort

Height 168cm Shu Qi, body weight is always maintained at 50kg cho-yung weight loss tea, while busy making movies often make her day and night upside down, jogging on the treadmill 1 hour a day, is can not be less tired.

Shu Qi when shooting in the field, select elements is the first survey of the hotel gym, if the hotel is not equipped with fitness equipment weight loss tea cho yung, she was refused admission Oh!

Shu Qi said: “to put on nice clothes, I had to maintain a slim figure! ”

Trying to maintain a standard build of her, love to eat white rice, but still try to restrain ourselves, only 1 meal to eat half a bowl and other starchy foods are as little as possible to touch.

Shu Qi on food NET, cakes and hot peppers are her favorite, often use to States to make movies of the time, taste the cake all over, several times down the calories accumulated, it’s fat, so after the meeting, is to play badminton or swimming to consume calories!

“Lazy bones” weight loss method

If they are really busy to afford time to exercise, she also create 1 set is ideal for lazy people to lose weight, she said: “as long as keep, even without the gym on, can himself at home with the curve of the sculpture! ”


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