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Tomato and pineapple juice for weight loss

April 9, 2012

Tomato and pineapple juice for weight loss

Materials: 2, 2 pineapple slices of tomato. White sugar amount.


① tomatoes washed cut into blocks; wash cut fruit beauty slimming pineapple Peel block Standby;

② put the tomatoes, pineapple in juice pour the mix in fruit beauty sugar, then add appropriate amount of boiling water, fruit juice, complete the residue after drinking.

Efficacy: fruit for pineapples and tomatoes are great for weight loss, and contains vitamins and fiber supplements beauty fruit the body can also help when you want to lose weight, double benefit!

Western-style cakes

Materials: milk, eggs, bread and raisins, thumb

Approach: take a raw egg directly into the milk, then put some raisins, twist mix evenly, with some thumbs of fresh bread, a nutrient-rich breakfast completes the meal. (If the fear of taste of raw eggs, can be heated in the microwave for 2 minutes. )

Effect: all these ingredients are very nutritious, and meet the needs of diversity of food for breakfast.

Apart from the breakfast menu described above, smaller series also provides a list of some edible food for breakfast, can let you based on personal preferences, free match.

Food: bread, Sesame and honey, pure meat xiaolongbao;

Beverages: mung bean and Red jujube soup, purple glutinous rice porridge, rice mairen, Pearl barley and jujube soup, black soybean milk;

Plants: pure vegetables + meat sausage, meat + vegetable + egg salad, cucumber, radish, pure sesame paste.


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