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what to eat for breakfast to lose weight?

April 9, 2012
Not taboo to eat breakfast to lose weight! But what to eat for breakfast to lose weight? Breakfast is a body of work in a day basis, lose weight the same goes for. Beauty network small-series sharing 5 recipes for Beauty Fruit detox plum breakfast to lose weight, easy to follow eating diet to lose weight need not have to worry about, the most simple way to lose weight, eat a good breakfast can burn fat slim down.

Many MM listening to rumors that she will not eat breakfast to lose weight, in fact, this is a false concept, breakfast is very important for the body. Night consumption down, has been eating all the food, if you don’t eat breakfast, or breakfast eat well, basic metabolism of the body cannot be met, fat does not burn, how to 7 color diet pills lose weight? So we not only want to eat breakfast, you want to eat delicious nutritious. A good breakfast to promote body metabolism, slim fast and effective!

Breakfast provided by nutrition is the basis of a day’s work, “one meter is the morning of the day”, weight loss is also the same reason. Weight MM can have more dietary fiber foods for breakfast, or beauty fruit low card like oats, whole grains or fruit food! This can provide your body with plenty of nutrition that you lose a whole day. Below share several weight loss breakfast recipes, easy to follow eating to lose weight won’t have to worry about.

Walnut and pine nut sweet corn soup

Ingredients: walnuts, pine nuts, corn, 100 grams. Crystal sugar, soup, and salad oil regular.


① walnuts, pine nuts fried with cooked;

② the proper amount of soup, adding sugar and corn, sprinkle with walnuts, renhe after small fire stew cooked pine nuts on it.

Efficacy: this soup contains nutritious walnuts, pine nuts, to add needed nutrients for breakfast, help enhance the vitality of the day.


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