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does not eat only foods to lose weight

April 10, 2012
Children most like to discuss problems in private first, the weight loss, the second is the boyfriend, but they taught each other beneath even from generation to generation “weight loss truth” is true weight loss truth? Weight loss development and now is becoming fruit beauty slimming more and more perfect, just need to slim down, our muscles strong also, not only are fine, we need no wrinkles, not just to light, we need health. Lose weight in vogue today, blowing all kinds of weight loss secret, we’ll look at nutrition experts say.

Fallacy does not eat only foods to lose weight!

Wrong, this is most common of fallacy, beauty fruit although a bowl steamed rice with 32 meat of heat equal, but 32 meat with 15 grams fat mass, instead steamed rice is almost no fat, and in cooking Cook meat Shi most will using oil, so 32 meat of fat mass 15 grams, steamed rice is main is starch, can is decomposition into sugar min, for body provides energy, than meat more easy is using. It was pointed out 7 color diet pills that do not at the same time in the same meal and eating meat, you can effectively lose weight, this is a wrong idea. Nutritionists think that such an argument, just outside manufacturing gimmick, no actual theory, basically whatever NET NET eat meat for lunch or dinner meal, absorption of carbohydrates and proteins in the final day is the same, so there is no need for each meal provided their own eating habits.


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