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exercise effective for weight loss

April 10, 2012

Fallacies can exercise effective weight loss
Wrong! Limited sports consumption of heat, such as swimming, per kilogram of body weight per hour can only consume 10kcal, relative to eat less fat, more effects than exercise an hour, effective weight loss when you start, you must control diet, lishou slimming capsule weight loss when the speed is slow, motion to speed up the weight loss effects, so effectiveness is the movement of late.

Fallacy ten do not eat breakfast or dinner can lose weight

This is a tricky question, nutritionist is a person as long as the absorption of energy every day consumes less than body weight, on the contrary, if the day to eat breakfast or dinner, meals apart for too long, can easily cause hunger hungry, eat dinner instead. Taiwan dietitian in his book a principle to be followed is “good for breakfast, eat lunch, dinner eat less” can be an effective weight loss


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