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wrong ideas for weight loss

April 10, 2012

Fallacy of four saying “rice consequences”, eat fruit after a meal can be absorbed by the oil quickly take away meals

Wrong! This is a wrong idea, before meals to eat fruit is better than eating fruit after meals, medical scientists pointed meizi evolution out that food to enter the stomach needs to bewilder the process up to 1-2 hours, slowly into the small intestine, and eating fruit after a meal, the food is in the stomach by blocking, long-term can lead to digestive disorders. Instead before meals to eat fruit, vitamin c can help in the gut to digest meat in iron and mild decreases appetite, meals can also be eaten less.

False beggar of five ate corn oil and mustard oil do not grow fat

Wrong! General people think mustard beggar oil super slim Pomegranate and corn oil from plant, on will than peanut oil and butter card in road low, for in weight loss of when for cooking with, but actually this is a errors concept, because in Nutrition Division angle, 100g animal oil and with weight of vegetable oil also contains more than 900 more card in road, only vegetable oil of cholesterol lower, on health comparison useful, so weight loss Shi, also is reduced to oil products cooking food, as fried fried,, should to steam burning, method.


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