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purpose of losing weight

April 11, 2012

Practice: place the honey in a Cup, joining about 200-300ml boiling water, honey mix, and then into the medlar and Yu lingzhi (can break into fragments), stamp after 10 minutes, add white Beauty Fruit detox plum vinegar and then shake, after waiting for clarification can be taken. About drinking 150-200ml at a time.

Last: sweet vinegar in a cup of water to drink before dinner, and that before the 7 o’clock dinner, after eating lishou slimming capsule will not eat anything before going to bed.
The Valley of Ganoderma lucidum: strengthening body resistance and strengthening healthy qi.
“Was” is the Constitution, is resistance, “evil” is a disease. Valley of Ganoderma lucidum functions of regulating the body’s internal organs, acting through channels, maintain the environmental balance within the human body, nourishing Qi, reached speckle, wrinkle resistant, beauty, beautiful, purpose of losing weight. It is not simple to lose weight “, but the true meaning of” outside “.

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