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Botanical slimming prescription

April 12, 2012

Botanical slimming prescription, Green good way to lose weight

Did you heard of Botanical slimming prescription? Do you believe in through the Botanical slimming to weight-loss success? c is also known as green weight loss, is because they do not contain medicines in it, so are a lot of beautiful women, and then for the Botanical slimming to discuss in detail.

Botanical slimming prescription is extracted from the plant, green and healthy weight loss that does not contain medicines.

Currently plant polyphenols from green tea, Guarana Extract, seaweed, Hawthorn is containing a clear role in fat ingredients in plants, plant herbaceous curved fiber extracted from fat, fat consumption can significantly effect, is one of the ultimate health healthy slimming.

Green Tea Polyphenols of green tea polyphenols on metabolism of body fat have a major role. Three acid glycerides of human cholesterol, high in the vascular wall in fatty deposits, formed after the proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells of atherosclerotic plaque and other cardiovascular diseases. Green significant antioxidant polyphenols may reduce lipid peroxides (Lpo) and malondialdehyde (MDA) tie level, so as to reduce the oxygen free radicals and the Lpo on vascular endothelial cell injury.


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