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eat less starch for weight loss

April 13, 2012

eat less starch for weight loss

 Starch may stimulate insulin, make you hungry faster fast enough, quickly enough can cause insulin rapid rise, hunger can easily make you eat more, so make sure you eat less.

 eat less high-temperature frying cho-yung weight loss tea of food

 Fried chicken, ribs, Tempura, fried foods, hoodia diet pills although the crispy and delicious, but after FRY easy modification of oils and fats and insulin resistance-prone body after eating stomach. In addition to obesity, are also likely to get heart disease, so with halogen, steaming, boiling, hot, way better.

  effects of sugar better than sugar

 Dynasty sugars is often low card diet sweet substitutes, 7 color diet pills it’s calories are low, but will it affect insulin secretion, have yet to be confirmed. However, from the point of view of low insulin, if you really want to eat sweets, Oligo oligosaccharide is the preferred choice.


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