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lose weight during the winter

April 13, 2012

Now approaching lunar new year reunion day is filled with a variety of dinner and banquet. Winter diet slimming gold rules, so that when you go to the party without worrying about fat because of eating too much good. At the same time these rules to lose weight during the winter, it is also suitable for other seasons, wants to keep slim xtreme in shape, can put them as General comply with army regulations.

1. live on Konjac

Konjac GL values of only 110, is the lowest of all starchy, also has a feeling of full, both in Konjac and Konjac wire, was fit to be a staple food.

2. Bean rice is better than brown rice

Brown rice has good fiber, low sugar content but is not (per 100g/75. 6g)。 Rice and beans because there are more lower sugar content of legumes, such as soybeans (per 100g/32. 7G), Leptin green coffee is a better choice.

3. eat less bread class

Even whole-grain bread, sugar-containing absolutely no more than fiber, sugars and fiber than is 15:1, and mostly leafy 1:1 much, so there is less to eat better.


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