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High-protein low-carb diet

April 16, 2012
High-protein low-carb diet: is a familiar refrain from simple carbohydrates take much protein, slim xtreme diet weight loss method. Fat usually restricted on this diet. Fat is from the high energy content. But fat is not restricted in the high protein low carbohydrate diets such as the Atkins diet.
Theory that weight gain is unlikely the background Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee of these diets may because the slow-burning protein and fat are a stable source of energy. In addition, may tend to feel satiety after eating protein after people eating carbohydrates than those long. Is, quickly digested carbohydrates immediately move hoodia diet pills small intestine from the stomach. Carbohydrates also promote the secretion of insulin promotes fat storage and appetizer in the powerful.
During these diet, avoid high glycemic index foods are recommended. Has become the glycemic index attached to the foods that contain carbohydrates, sugar and digestion rate affect understood. For example, high glycemic index are about foods contain a lot of starch, such as sugars, such as maple syrup, honey, candy, carrot, potato, some serial is digested quickly, quickly raise blood sugar. Meanwhile, containing dietary fiber, such as whole-grain rye bread and all bran cereals many foods that are digested slowly quickly raise blood sugar, low glycemic index is about. Glycemic Index is to manage the blood glucose diabetes who helps athletes need to recover blood glucose after exercise. But it does not help people have a weight loss diet. Carbohydrates digested in the highest glycemic index foods with the lowest food speed difference just slightly in meaning virtually no people, the majority has a weight loss diet. Weight loss but can be promoted also avoiding high glycemic index foods, would be to eliminate the food rather that contains precious ingredients such as vitamins and minerals.

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