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green papaya yogurt weight loss method

April 23, 2012
First, green papaya yogurt weight loss method

Material: 150ml, 2 spoons of milk yogurt, 7 days herbal slim green papaya juice regular.

Usage: when the dinner food, 1 time a day.

Tips: green papaya papaya enzymes will not only break down proteins, sugars, can break down fat, which is out the fat in a timely manner, removal of fat, reducing the mast cells, promote metabolism, so as to achieve weight loss goals.

Second, yoghurt milk weight loss method

Material: 150ml of yoghurt, condensed milk 2 tablespoons.

Directions: mix, 1 hour after eating meals a day, 3 times a day.

Tips: When provisioning drinks can be made a little more each night after bathing, coating it in a chest, clockwise turn counterclockwise and massage. At least 15 minutes to feel heat in the chest as well. Also has a very good breast enhancement effect.


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