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Monday weight loss 3 meals

April 24, 2012
In the course of slimming, diet is the key link to decide to lose weight. Success choose a well-balanced diet health recipes to help you lose weight. MM beauty you have all day to do worry super fat burner about her figure? now keeping up with the pace of health network of small series to enjoy slightly French weight loss recipes of delicious! the French diet recipes, low calorie diet is good, while you enjoy 2009 SLIM POMEGRANATE delicious and can easily drop weight.


Lunch: chicken and ox tongue. Roasted tomatoes. Any kind of vegetables such as cucumbers. Coffee or tea.

Evening: fish or seafood. Salad with cucumbers or tomatoes, vegetables of any kind. Bread piece. Coffee or tea.

Grilled tomato: Preheat the oven to 80-100. Tomato meizitang soft gel based on cut, sprinkle on salt, black pepper, topped with olive oil, then add dry Provence spices, placed in the oven bake one to two hours.


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