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TIPS of weight loss

April 24, 2012

TIPS for weight loss
1, this soup will not boil for a long time, it can destroy nutrients.

2 persons of peptic ulcers, mild, you can omit the plums to the soup.

3, if you want to add antioxidant activity such as lycopene,-carotene, to pick the color of deep red, or orange, not pink or pale Pai You Guo Tea yellow.

Health tips for warm slightly: ripe tomatoes and attractive color purple plums, purple red food itself is to have the magic. Tomato tomatoes lingzhi tea, according to growth of tomatoes first in South America, because of beautiful colors, people are very alert to it is called the “fruit of the Fox”.

It is rich in carotene, vitamin b and c, especially lingzhi detox tea vegetable vitamin p content first. Lycopene has unique oxidation resistance ability, to remove free radicals, protecting cells, beauty and anti-aging. Eat more tomatoes can keep the skin fair, healthy and young. Tomato soup can diuretic and moistening intestine, particularly suitable for modern fast paced life and stress of working families.


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