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5 healthy reasons to make a healthy sex life

May 3, 2012
The facts show the many health benefits of active sex life. Sex made easy, in an article published in the journal of men’s are health, 5 healthy reasons to to bed bounce – a reminder, that making love Penis Enlargement is good for body and soul. Drill. “Activity is sexual a form of movement,” according to Dr. Mike Cirigliano at the medical school at the University of Pennsylvania.
Create love had three times a week is about 7500 calories a year – equivalent to 75 mph. lead heavy breathing. Night of love increase the amount of oxygen in the cells and help to the organs ED Treatment and tissues, to support the bones and muscles at their peak strength. “Any physical exercise increases testosterone,” says Dr. Karen Donahey, Director of the family and testosterone is considered a man of marital therapy in the medical center of Northwestern University in Chicago.
Cholesterol greatly reduces bone and muscle. To love regularly, you can the levels OEM Sex Product reduce of total cholesterol in the body, positively change settings also bad cholesterol.
Pain relief. Sex lead to a decrease of the joint pain and headache, neck pain “after Dr. Beverly Whipple, President-elect of the American Association of sex workers, consultants and therapists.” The pain threshold can hormones that are released during sexual arousal and orgasm. DHEA–increase without additives.

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