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2 ways in healthy sex life

May 4, 2012

1, mad lovers  

At present living situation: you live with him in a fixed pattern, time to focus on the work of the meeting and before Female Enhancer bedtime, such a busy life will allow two people to have a sense of distance, occasional rest day also did not know how to spend. Perhaps, you really should be looking for a way to break the pattern, added freshness to life!  

Reverse mode: participate in outdoor survival training (early bird), bid farewell to the big city bustle and competition, denied any modern tools brings additional interference, giving up familiar and comfortable living environment. When the night comes, small tents, only the two of you have to rely on each other’s body heat, intersection of soul, that returning to the vague sense of appeal and lost, Delay Cream love at the moment perfect example! until at the end of training, both of you will be unwilling and back in real life, you will feel each other’s changes.  

2, the new women men and couples  

At present living situation: “woman is too strong, man!” This is the law unchanged for many years.  

Sexual intercourse quality demanding Americans Delay Spray doing the test: If GF said to you, which imply that you love the most? A. SMS b. face to face. Men chose a 86.7%, the reason for this is the expression of a sense of space that people Kiss, would make the man now wanted to “to” indulge! Please try a try love knot edit for you tailored set do of winning programme: afternoon Shi first to he a gentle implied: Dear, we meet tonight Oh! work time, you early home, at home in the each a has indicates sexual local posted Shang label, told he you of “hiding” locations, let he heart tickle of, followed you of indicates, BA shall not immediately fly to you side, eat you! must not tirade of litigation affection, men are needs a imagine of space, love to concentrated more ecstasy.


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