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Men eat corn more than more than 60 nursing blood vessels

May 8, 2012
Men eat corn more than more than 60 nursing blood vessels
. Beijingzhongyiyaodaxue the living room of Professor Zhang Hude, about 60 per cent of men Vegetal Vigra with a health recommendations.
A good stomach very important about 60 years old persons high incidence of stomach, must pay attention to keep the stomach. There are two main key to keep the stomach, is a diet, the second is emotional. On a diet, don’t eat too hard, too cold, too rich, too stimulating food. Emotionally to keep the philosophic, cheerful, good mood, and Female Enhancer it won’t find the portal hypertensive gastropathy.
Arteriosclerosis can delay maize is the staple food of the best prevention of atherosclerosis, in addition, oats, buckwheat and Coix renhe beans are good for protecting arteries. Eating staple foods Male Enhancement also must pay attention to combination of coarse and fine grain, eat only whole grains do not eat white rice flour is not wise.
Osteoporosis can be late to normal food intake containing high calcium foods, it is best to drink a cup of milk or yogurt every day.
Exercise not only many people climb the stairs as a daily exercise climbing stairs, but for people over the age of 60, climbed the stairs are increasing the burden of the heart, also may damage the knee. Most exercises are suitable for elderly walking and Tai Chi..

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