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Sex between husband and wife is not taken for granted

May 11, 2012
Sex between husband and wife is not taken for granted

A theme “which parts do you think men’s sexiest” survey, women with 26% select “sturdy chest”, Female Enhancer on the grounds that this “classical beauty”, “seems to smell the smell of hormones immediately”, “make you feel warm and protected” sth Psychological experts explained that: most women choose breast, this is because most of the partners in the world is still used to make love postures of female on male under, and when taking the most traditional missionary position, is on the women’s eyes is the location of the chest. So, first of all, it brought to women Stiff Nights Male Enhancement Pills by subconscious associations that “sex”.

Addition, 19% of women select has “Male Enhancement hand or arm” (selected this answers of women more for has art temperament of, more attention spirit is better than flesh), 21% of women select has “nose” (selected this answers of women belonging to stuffy Sao type, on sex full fantasy), also has 10% does not to of women select has away from Yang with recently of local, hip (enjoy flesh feel of honest type women of best select).


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