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strive to increase sex time

May 11, 2012

“Taken for granted”: “my muscles are more developed, like my sexual partner will become”
Many blind men pursue good build, but not for health. They thought, if your muscles more bars, the more pleasing their partner in bed.

But research has proved that strong muscle Tiger King pills men and not most women choose the best partners, have developed more muscle is to meet the man of their own vanity.

Female is the most ideal lover figure: gentle eyes, limbs slender, soft skin elastic, the biceps muscle and the pectoralis major Virility max muscle not too much developed.

“Taken for granted”: “strive to increase sex time, I very hard”

Problem in public orgasm for errors in the process of understanding, women orgasm obtained not later than men, but more passive than men. If you are an experienced sex, take a few minutes to find a woman’s g spot, point a and u, and quickly make her climax.

In addition, even if the men are not so warm and active, woman find the right position case, will soon reach its Male Virility Enhancement climax. Be calculated to extend in order to pursue a female orgasm sex, in addition to physical fatigue, often accompanied by men “did you-” “comfortable-” sort of issue, in women’s view, that deliberately making them converse emotion, was approaching orgasm, also is out of a psychological factor inhibition.


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