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3 bad signals judge the man’s kidney

May 14, 2012

3 bad signals judge the man’s kidney

1. no effort.

When kidney function is not good, many from the urinary excretion of waste out, there will be neither Hale nor hearty feeling, fatigue, malaise, and so got. Diseased kidneys, proteins and other nutrients from the kidney leaks out and eliminated from the body through urine, there will be no performance. Some thought it was too much, or is for other reasons, at the expense of the kidney problem.

2. do not want to eat.

Not eating, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, are also common symptoms of kidney disease. Always go to digestion or liver disease in some patients, got stomach or liver disease, have no stomach and liver diseases, toss aside, doctors forgot nephropathy, results delayed by illness.

3. bubbles in urine.

There are bubbles in urine for a variety of ED Treatment reasons, if the leakage of protein from the kidneys into the urine, urine will have a lot of foam.


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