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5 tips for men’s healthy sex life

May 14, 2012

1. anaemia.

Anemia in patients with anemia often to blood watch, in fact, in addition to excrete wastes, and other functions Virility max of the kidney, endocrine function, blood hormone secretion, when kidney dysfunction, can also cause anemia.

2. diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes can cause kidney disease, it is called diabetic nephropathy, is a complication of diabetes. Five phases of diabetic nephropathy, early in the treatment works well, once late, it’s hard to cure, will be developed into uremia. Therefore, patients with diabetes, must often look at the kidney.

3. high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can lead to hypertensive nephropathy, also known as high blood pressure and kidney damage, so people with hypertension should pay more attention. Of course, kidney Black Ant Pills disease can also cause high blood pressure, high blood pressure if, to be careful of is not suffering from kidney disease.

4. gout, hyperuricemia.

Gout, hyperuricemia is caused by too much uric acid in the blood, people with high blood uric acid, uric acid deposition in the kidney, renal damage.

5. the urinary tract infection.

Recurrent urinary tract infections in people, time, may cause renal failure. I have met many patients with urinary tract infection, because early treatment does not, is not complete in a timely manner, nor the bad can lead to renal, results when found, have missed out on the best treatment.


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